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This Blog is DEAD!!!

After month's of deliberation, I'm finally killing my Hobby Blog.  But don't worry, I'm not giving up blogging about comic books,toys, collectibles and video games all together.  In fact, I just realize that the above topics also falls on entertainment.

Yes, The Happy Hobbyist maybe dead but will be resurrected.  The happy Hobbyist will be merged completely with Jori's Entertainment Journal. Just like the old times when all of my blogs are found in one domain.  Years ago, I decided to distribute some of my topics on different blogs to create more focused blogs.  But instead being a great help, it becomes a bigger problem.  So I decided to officially close and bring all the hobby related post to

Now, Problem solved.  Once again my blogs are one. is bigger, stronger and more diverse than ever.  And definitely I'm happy  :)
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