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About the Hobbyist

Born in Manila from an Ilocano mother and Manilenyo father and raised in Rizal. Grew up in a community of artist that greatly influenced my Love in visual and Performing arts.

I've been Blogging for almost 6 years and now I'm still enjoying it because it gives me the chance to go places, try new activities and meet interesting people. I also enjoys watching movies, collecting and reading comicbooks. My friends also influenced me to venture in Toy and Action Figures collecting hobby which I really enjoy despite the financial and economic crisis that we experience.

Professionally I'm employed in a Publishing company designing Websites and Ads. I'm also looking forward to try film making or go back acting in theater. I really like the spotlight so maybe one of these days I'll go back and try doing stage or even indipendent films.

To stay in touch with me, you can go to the contact me page for my contact informations.

Hope you all enjoy my blog. Please leave your comments and suggestions in the posts or email me directly. Thank you very much and enjoy reading :)
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