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The Happy Hobbyist Blogs

Hello to everyone. I'm Jori the Happy Hobbyist. Yes I'm also the blog master of my two other blogs namely Jori's Entertainment Journal and Jori's Online Creative Portfolio. I decided to create Blog branches because I notice my Entertainment blog is slowly turning to a Chopseuy portal and this defeats the purpose of it being an Entertainment blog that talks mainly about movies, tv series and celebrities. So I created two new blogs that will cater new blog outlets that are more dedicated to a certain field.

This is the blog where I will be posting news, reviews and showcase regarding Hobbies like Toy collecting, Video games, Comicbooks etc. Ever since I start collecting toys 2 years ago, I just feel that I need to share it to everyone not only to boast my purchasing capability but also to share what makes me happy and feel inspired.

Yes, this collectibles makes me Happy although most of times they also give me headaches because of the amount of money I spend for them. But still I continued doing it and it indeed gives unexplainable happiness to my heart.

So welcome to my world.

Welcome to the Happy Hobbyist's world.

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