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My First TF Toys: TF Classics Rodimus and Mirage

2 years ago, after watching the first Live Action Transformers Movie a friend of mine influenced me to buy my first Transformers Toy. I first bought Mirage.

Mirage is an Autobot with a Formula 1 alternate form. On Cybertron, he was one of the planet's elite upper class, preferring to spend his days hunting turbo-foxes instead of involving himself in conflict. When that became unavoidable, Mirage enlisted with the Autobot forces, although he is often unsure about his motivations for doing so, which leaves his fellow Autobots finding it hard to trust him – a problem not helped by the fact that Mirage can rarely hide that he is often unwilling to fight directly, or his contempt for the "commoners" he is now forced to interact with. He has no lost love for Earth, and would happily return to his old life on Cybertron if he could.

All I can say, this TF toy is pretty decent though being my first time in toy collecting, I'm not really sure if I will be continuing this hobby. The Mirage toy is slender and thin. It has a good articulation making it easy to put it in several creative poses. This makes Mirage an instant favorite for Toy photographers.

Then after several days, again i found myself buying a new toy. Transformers Classics Rodimus. The famous Red sports car with flames painted on hood and doors. Rodimus is also known for being next in command to Optimus prime.

Rodimus toys is a complete opposite to Mirage. Rodimus do have several points of articulations but not as flexible as Mirage. He can only be put into commanding poses but not with poses that shows a lot of movement. But since Rodimus is a pretty famous Transformers character, he is still considered as a must have.

To sum it all up, Mirage and Rodimus are both pretty decent toys. But if you are more into flexible toys, Mirage is for you. Rodimus can be also posed into different poses but not as flexible as Mirage. Both a must have specially if you are an autobot collector. But today, it is hard to look for this items so you may check them on Toy forums and messageboards. Good luck in hunting.

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