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Jori Goes to Metro Comic Con

I attended the recently concluded Metro Comic Con but I spend most of the time in the Comic 101 seminar that took place in Mega Conference hall.

The seminar started 10am and together with some other artists registered at the entrance to take our art materials. The seminar is very educational but to be honest it is just the same with the seminar GlassHouse Graphics did a few years back though now with a little more intimate with few registrants and with new speakers such as Harvey Tolibao (Star Wars NOTOR and Snowbird) and Jay David Ramos (Civil War House of M and War Machine). of course they are joined with veterans like Gerry Alanguilan (Elmer and Wasted), Carlo Pagulayan (Planet Hulk and Fantastic Four) and Edgar Tadeo (High Roads and X-men).

Then after almost hours of lecture and demo, I finally visited the convention itself. I'm so surprised that the booth are so few and most of them are exhibitors who exhibit statues of comicbook heroes and villains. One of this booth that caught the crowd's attention is Halimaw Sculptures that commissioned Jem Milton, a FHM model as their booth babe. And it is indeed effective. I think they should have made her wear any comicbook super hero costume. This will surely make us loose our minds hahahaha.

But other booths also got good stuff even without booth babes.

I didn't catch the big cosplay presentation but its ok with me. But I got the chance to take a shot of some interesting one.

I'm really so tired that day that I only stayed for a couple of minutes (excluding the hours in the seminar), didn't got the chance to take a photo of some friends and left after buying some indies.

This is Metro Comic Con's first gig and I think they still need to improve some things because other than the exhibits and sexy booth babes, the event is so boring. They should not put all the highlights in Cosplay segments since it only lasts for several hours and most people still go there for good comic goodness. And I also expect for something new since we already have an existing comic convention.

But on the other hand I still congratulate the event organizers for having another event for comic geeks like us. Still looking forward for another Metro Comic Con next year and hoping for a very exciting one.

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