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Visiting the HeeroSan Lair

Just checking my archives and I have tons of unpublished photos that are perfect for my hobby blog.

March 14, 2009, Mark "HeeroSan" Santos celebrates his birthday with his fellow hobbyist of Transformers Philippines and Robot Pilipinas. Mark Celebrates his birthday in his friend, Carlo's penthouse in Quezon City.

We are very surprised that the Penthouse also has a showroom where Mark and Carlo showcase their toy collections.

The collections ranges from Transformers, to comic action figures, to super robots and classic cartoon merchandises. Mark is so proud of their showroom. He and his friend Carlo just finished arranging everything and he is very proud and excited to show it to us.

The kid hormones rages among us and we raided the showroom. But off course we are not allowed to take the toys out of their packages except those who are already loose.

And after the toy raid, we all gather at the roof deck to enjoy the rest of the night (or morning) chatting and laughing out loud. It is one hell of a night. Next year ulit Mark.

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