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TFTM Bumblebee 1974 Camaro

Bought this item 2 years ago before CHristmas after getting my Christmas Bonus together with Bumblebee 2008 Camaro COncept and Arcee. We know that Bumblebee has been living in Eartj for almost years before the other autobots arrived . When Bumblebee first arrived in Earth, he uses the form of Camaro 1974 as his disguise.

This toy is a must if you are into classic sports car. It requires a low level transformation skill and has a button on the hood for an automorph feature. The design is simple but the leg and feet part are a little off. Too big for me but it helps the whole figure stand still. The leg also got another articulation so that you can twist his leg which the 2008 Camaro Bumblebee doesn't have.

Today, this item is only available through events and specialty stores. You can also check out some toy forums to get one for youself.

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