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TFTM Bumblebee 2008 Concept Camaro

The first Bumblebee out of the VW shell takes form of a concept 2008 Camaro of Chevrolet. But since I missed to get this toy on its single pack, I took the liberty to get the 2 pack Bumblebee where this toy is bundled with the 1974 Camaro Bumblebee. The downside of this toy is this is the battle damaged version of Bumblebee 2008 camaro that is why you can see some burns and cracks on some of its parts.

The Toy requires low transformation skill but there is a point that you can get confused of the transformation paradigm. But after you figure it out, transforming it is already not a big problem.

A must have but if you got a chance to find the undamaged version, grab it.

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